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Weatherboard Profiles

Nu-Wall weatherboard profiles are popular options for those involved in residential, commercial and industrial construction projects. These materials are ideal for new construction and recladding jobs. The weatherboard panels are available in three different profiles: Louvre, Classique and Shiplap.

Louvre120 and 150 offer a traditional bevel-back weatherboard appearance, while Shiplap and Classique have more in common with the rusticated weatherboards of years gone by. Louvre 120 measures 120mm wide and features a sharp line that works well contemporary designs. For a funkier take on a traditional weatherboard, consider Louvre60, whose steeper blade angles create an interesting effect with more defined shadow lines. This profile has two 60mm blades that combine to give the material a fixed width of 120mm.

The Classique profile is a traditional option that measures 136mm wide and has a grooved face. The Shiplap works well with modern designs when installed vertically, but provides a traditional rusticated look as well, when installed horizontally. It measures 150mm wide.

weatherboard profiles

All Nu-Wall weatherboard profiles are suited to horizontal cladding, though Shiplap is equally at home when installed vertically. Please see the Profiles & Colours page.You can view a variety of colours and profiles, which you can install horizontally or vertically. Use our innovative tool to see how each colour and profile will look like when installed in your walls.

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