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Non Cladding Applications

Though primarily an exterior cladding, Nu-Wall has many applications on construction projects, both exterior and interior. You can use it to cover the walls in different rooms in your home. While Nu-Wall serves as a protective covering and an ideal material for beautification projects, it is also suitable for a variety of non cladding applications. These include the following:

  • Garage Doors – Most manufacturers of sectional garage doors are able to offer Nu-Wall profiles as an option for the facing material on their products. You can be sure that your garage door will look great and stay protected against discoloration, dirt and other elements.
  • Soffits and canopies & ceilings – Nu-Wall profiles offer a stylish alternative to conventional lining materials.
  • Counter fronts
  • Interior features walls – Nu-Wall cladding systems provide a distinct and sophisticated look to any interior feature wall in your property.
  • Doors and gates – Nu-Wall products add beauty, privacy and security when used in residential, commercial and industrial doors and gates.
  • Fences and balustrades – Installing Nu-Wall cladding can help ensure the privacy and the safety of your property.
  • Shutters, screens and space dividers – Nu-Wall profiles create a contemporary effect when used for these products.
  • Integration into furniture designs – Cladding systems from Nu-Wall work well with traditional and modern furniture designs for all types of properties.

For further advice about Nu-Wall applications, please contact Nu-Wall Aluminium Cladding Limited. We will be happy to provide the information and assistance you might need. We can help you find an authorised distributor in your location, as well.

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