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Any colour you want...

by Administrator 17. December 2012 13:59

Powdercoat colours can, if required, be custom-made to match finishes of other materials being used on a project. Quite commonly we are asked if Nu-Wall cladding can be supplied to match a paint colour used on another material; e.g. a rendered plaster wall. While the answer is generally yes, the problem which arises is that unlike paint, which can be mixed to order in fairly small quantities, powdercoat colours have to be specifically manufactured in a batch - they can't be derived from mixing of existing colours. Where the project is of a reasonable size, for example the total cladding of a house, this may not be a problem as the job would demand a batch of powder. Where there is only a small amount of material involved, however, the cost to manufacture a batch of powder for this can be prohibitive.

The optimum way to proceed, if possible, when selecting colours for a project is to select the powdercoat colour first, then have paint mixed to match that if required. Paint can be mixed by the tin, and for many powdercoat colours the paint manufacturers may already have the correct mixing formula recorded.

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