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And there's more....

by Administrator 15. November 2012 11:23

Added recently to the range of 200mm wide profiles is the E200 - this crisp new profile takes the existing flat Mono profile and adds an interesting feature in the form of a 20mm wide negative detail.

Nu-Wall profiles grow up

by Administrator 15. November 2012 11:10

The 190mm wide Ripple profile has been around almost as long as Nu-Wall has; at the time of its inception this dimension was pushing the boundaries of the aluminium extrusion facilities within New Zealand. Ripple was followed by the Mono190 and Aero190 profiles. More recently, the introduction of a larger press at McKechnie Aluminium Solutions has allowed us to re-design these profiles to a more uniform 200mm width. Hence, Ripple200; Mono200 and Aero200 have joined the Nu-Wall range. In the longer term these new profiles will supercede the original 190mm formats, however for the time being we will continue to maintain tooling for both formats.     

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